"Having the space to reflect on my thoughts, feelings and behaviours with no judgement has been game changing for me. Ella has been a space of safety and acceptance and I am SO SO grateful for it and her. Her energy is warm, kind and understanding. She is challenging yet open and safe. You’ve been an important part of my transition to full time coach. I don’t think I’d have taken the leap without your support and coaching."

CLEE, November 2018

“Ella was great. We worked a lot on removing barriers and heading towards a more positive life. I would recommend Ella.”

Antony, January 2019

“I have enjoyed working with Ella. She has been patient, sensitive and open-willing to try different approaches. I would recommend her as she creates a safe space in which to share and explore. Her honest unhuried nature shines through. Thank you”

Anna, February 2019

“I was looking for a life coach to explore career options: after a bad experience at work I felt stuck, unfulfilled and unsure as to what to do next. I contacted Ella to try and see if coaching could help me get ‘unstuck’-and a few months later, it has done just that. Not only has it helped me become more proactive in pursuing my goals, but it has helped me question some thought patterns and beliefs which were no longer serving me. I would definitely recommend Ella as a coach-she creates a calm, safe environment where you will feel empowered to tackle whatever issues are holding you back, and help you see them under a different light.”

-ISABELLA, May 2019